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Program "A"
Basic Locksmithing -- Two Week Course
  • Cource Guide
    1. Introduction To Locksmithing
    2. Key Identification and Duplication
    3. Locks...and How They Work
    4. servicing and Re-Keying Locks
    5. Impressioning
    6. Lock Picking
    7. Automotive Locks
    8. Car Opening and Lockouts
    9. Door Closers
    10. Builder Hardware
    11. Cutting Keys By Code
    12. Master Key Systems
    13. High Security Locking Systems
    14. I-Core Systems
    15. Safety Deposit Locks
    16. Safe Combination Servicing
    17. Electric Strikes and Mag Systems
  • Cource Materials Included are
    1. Locksmith Manuals
    2. Service Manuals
    3. Key Identification Book
    4. Locksmith Hand Tools
    5. Professional Pinning Kit
    6. Professional Lock Pick Set
    7. Automotive Opening Tool Kit
    8. Technical Support Program
Note: Due to the high cost of materials and equipment,
any and all payments submitted for the enrollment of Program "A" are non-refundable.
Program "B"
Custom Designed Courses
Our School Also Offers Custom Designed
and Educational Courses for:
  • Businesses
  • Corporations
  • Medical Facilities
  • Government Agencies
  • Law Enforcement
  • Police Agencies
We Will Come To YOUR Location for The Specialized Training
For Groups or One on One
Contact Us for Details

Telephone: 602-861- 2460
Fax: 602-795-0025
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